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Game's Freeze

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:22 am
by xAdamsz
Hi. I Found a bug what causes the game to freeze.
sometimes when I Open settings In classic EE. The game freezes.
The game freezes is too when I open Indyvidual campaning and campaning creator.
How can I repair this?

Re: Game's Freeze

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:32 am
by herik
I've never done a campaign, however, try removing patch and see if that works, if you are that eager in doing a campaign.

Re: Game's Freeze

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:00 am
by Arntzen
Try compatibility modes and also try running EE as admin.
Random freezes happens to me too when I have it on some kind of graphical setting that doesn't work, but its fixed when I change the graphic settings to something else. Just a trial and error kind of process.
Using the neoee patch will also fix most problems automatically. Get it at