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Welcome to Save-EE.com, your source for everything Empire Earth and the home of the Save-EE and NeoEE Lobby. We are dedicated to keeping Empire Earth's online community alive.

Play Empire Earth and Art of Conquest Online!

The NeoEE Lobby is now open and restores the original lobby.

Download the patch: HERE

On November 3, 2008 at approximately 19:00 UTC, the WON servers dedicated to the Empire Earth and Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest online gameplay system, were permanently shut down by Activision (VU Games website with original announcement has since been taken offline).

The Save-EE Lobby was developed by Nuckin Futs as an alternative lobby in the form of a Windows application. The lobby automatically lists Direct Connect (by IP) games hosted by players that are logged into the lobby.

After the release of client version 2.5.0, Nuckin Futs stopped working on the lobby, and development was continued by Ghost. The Save-EE Lobby had many of the familiar features from the original WON lobby and then some.

Since the introduction of the Save-EE Lobby, a new WON lobby server replacement project titled NeoEE was developed by Jodocus and RealForce. Save-EE has offered hosting to the NeoEE server and enabling connectivity via the normal EE multiplayer menu comes in the form of a patch.

We currently have many players using the system and we will welcome any players, old or new, into the community.

Please spread the word!

More information (about all kinds of stuff) can be found via the links on the left.

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Account activation is now manually done by Mods/Admins

Postby Arntzen on Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:54 pm in Announcements

For now all new accounts will be manually activated by the Save-EE team.

New NeoEE Patch Is OUT! Start downloading it

Postby [-Ts-] Tricky on Fri May 02, 2014 7:24 am in Announcements

http://www.neoee.net/update Release Notes (Empire Earth Classic)

Increased compatibility to Windows 8 and newer graphic cards
enhanced the nuclear light flash
Fixed a critical bug that causes timeout during patching
Fixed a graphical bug that hides progress percentage
Adjusted the splash screen and main menu background to emphasize the NeoEE patch
Removed many references to sierra.com and replaced it with NeoEE.net
Replaced Sierra icons and banners in lobby by NeoEE icon/Empire Earth heaven banner
Replaced the "Community" tab by the "NeoEE.net" tab; however its contents are still under construction
Implemented the first version of a new technology that allows hosting games with RIP pings/no forwarded firewall ports.
More information...
Changed the timeout waiting time after a host left the game ungracefully from 65 seconds in 10 second steps to 20 seconds in 5 second steps

The NeoEE Hosting Technology: an update

Postby Jodocus on Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:19 pm in Announcements

Hello fellows!

The upcomming NeoEE patch for Empire Earth Classic contains a new hosting technology (NHT) to allow a greater number of people to host games even if their game ports are closed (for EEC only at the moment). Please note the following annotations:

The NHT has to be understood as a replacement system or as an alternative to port forwarding. It can never be 100% reliable just as port forwarding is. Some router models still will not be able to host games with it. Moreover, the very same routers may have problems to connect to other games that use the NHT, too. Therefore it is still advisory to forward the game ports if you can since this solution will be always compatible to all router models out there.

Additionally keep in mind that the NHT will be enabled by default. Even if you have your ports forwarded you may fail to start the game while having the NHT enabled; it ignores port forward entirely. Thus everybody who can forward his game ports should disable the NHT to prevent problems. In order to do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your Empire Earth directory, e.g. "C:\Sierra\Empire Earth"
  2. In this directory, locate the file HostPingRIP.txt and open it with NotePad (not MS Word)
  3. Replace the word "true" to "false" and save it

After this, the NHT will be disabled and the game will use port forwarding again. Please also note that in case the server should be offline for maintenance work, Empire Earth may start to hang even in single player mode since it will try to connect to the NHT servers. By disabling NHT, those connection attempts will not happen.

When using the NHT, nothing particularily changes. The game ping will still show RIP, but that will not necessarily mean that it will not start. When all players are ready and the host is pressing "Start game", the game may hang for some seconds on both the host and the member's side before the "Waiting for connections" screen appears. When this happens, do not abort or leave it until you see a graveyard/RIP sign. It may take a while (usually about 20 seconds) until the game starts, so be patient, please. If your router is not compatible, it will show you relatively fast a RIP sign; in that case you should consider to forward your game ports (as explained for example on http://www.portforward.com).

If the new hosting system is causing any troubles, disable it as explained above and notify one of the NeoEE/Save-EE staff members or post a thread in the forums. We will try to optimize it and make it compatible for more routers.


Postby Omega on Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:21 am in Announcements

The project to try and get the old servers back up and running. Led by Jodocus_ with contributions from RealForce.

See: http://www.neoee.net/

Essentially a proper re-do of what this thread turned into: viewtopic.php?f=12&p=36135#p36135 (has previous information on the project)

29th November EE & AoC ComeBack

Postby [-Ts-] Tricky on Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:25 pm in Announcements

Hey all just reminding all who visit this forum to get on 29th November or any time that week or December month it will be nice to have old friends and old clan members and new players all on enjoying the great game we enjoy much thanks too all who come and bring it alive. :thumbsupl: :thumbsupr:

Lets rock it out advertise and tell others and we will all be happy with the end result :)