AoC Patch Update Notes

Information and discussion about Omega's patches for EE and EE:AoC (no longer in use or under development)
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AoC Patch Update Notes

Post by Omega »

For patch version 1.1d, the following changes have taken place after version 1.1c:

-New map added, created by Ghost.
-Credits.txt is located in your main game folder.
-Moorish Cavalry removed from the game.
-Expansionism to 30 points.
-Liga civilizations should not go out of sync anymore.

For patch version 1.1c, the following changes have taken place after version 1.1b:

-Heavy Siege Towers now have half of their original hit points, cost 40 wood instead of 80 wood, have 14 speed, and a transport capacity of 20.
-Fanaticisim upped to 7 Civilization Points.
-Slavery upped to 7 Civilization Points.
-Battle Cry now costs 30 energy. This allows a strategist hero to continuously keep battle cry on 2 groups of units, and have a maxium burst of 5 battle cries when fully charged.
-All Nuclear Bombers have 20,000 attack, meaning they one-hit-kill anything.
-Main screen now reflects 1.1c as the version.
-Maximum possible population on AoC for single player doubled.
-Shock Troopers now take 80,000ms to build, which is the same time as snipers, and sharpshooters.
-AT Helicopters in Modern now have 1200 hit points.
-Gunship Helicopters in Modern now have 850 hit points.
-Pilums now have 10 shock armor, 19 attack, and 178 hit points.
-Rock Throwers now cost 0 stone, 20 wood, 10 food, and 30 gold.
-Long bows now have 20 attack, and 10 arrow armor.
-Cataphracts now have 32 attack, 12 arrow armor, and 400 health (decreased from 440).
-Royal Cuirassiers now have the same arrow armor as cataphracts, to avoid there being any disparity there.
-Moorish Cavalry added exclusivley to Middle. This unit is identical to pre-buff Cataphracts, except that it has no arrow armor, 20 shock armor, and 635 health. They're essentially good for stalling versus swords until you can switch, possibly making a Cavalry - Sword civ viable. Considering the Hit Points, they may also be useful as anti-siege units//"tanks" in late-game, but they'll obviously be much worse at this task than Siege Towers ever were.
-Moorish Cavalry button postition changed to something that isn't retarded, and texture altered to make them extremely easy to differentiate from Cataphracts.
-Six new maps added, all by Omega. zMediterranean - Space, zContinental - Space, zRandom Space Islands, zRandom Islands, z Random Land and Uniquely Random. Credit for the maps included in Uniquely Random (and the other "Random" maps) goes to the creators of each individual map contained within. Those maps (for Uniquely Random) are as follows: Small Islands, Vicious Isthmi, Map X, Zeus Map, Plains, Mediterranean, Mediterranean - Space, zContinental - Space, and Tunisia Oasis.
-Hover tanks added to nano and space ages, they are the same as epoch 13 tanks except they do not count for Tanks in civilization, and can move through hills/cliffs.
-Epoch 13 AT and Gunship helicopter health increased to 1550 and 1100 respectively.

For patch version 1.1b, the following changes have taken place after version 1.1a:

-Crossbow build time reduced to 72,000 from 10,000. This is twice Long Bow build time.
-Rock throwers now have 105 hit points, 10 speed, and cost 15 food 30 gold and 15 stone.
-ICBMs (Nuclear Missiles from Missile Base) now cost 500 gold and 500 iron as opposed to 1000 gold and 1000 iron.
-Spy satellites re-added.
-Teleporters re-added.
-Teleporters now cost the same amount in each resource as a Space-Aged wonder would for that resource on Standard Variant for p2s. Loosing your teleporter now hurts as much as loosing a wonder.
-Paratrooper planes now build in 160,000ms, as opposed to 80,000ms. (Instead of building in the same time it takes to build two marines, they now build in the same time it takes to build 4... And they contain 8!)
-Main screen now correctly reflects the patch version--1.1b; it did not for 1.1a.

For patch version 1.1a, the following changes have taken place after version 1.1:

-Fixed an issue where players could still access custom chat, and send messages to no one. The check boxes for custom chat selection have now been removed to prevent this from happening.
-Town Center build time changed back to that of a settlement.
-Town Center health decreased a further 750 points--they are still stronger than settlements, don't worry!
-Anti-Tank changes removed for Modern AT guns (120mm AT Gun)
-Paratroopers returned to the original point cost, 15.
-Camouflage re-added.
-JIT Manufacturing re-added.
-Insurance re-added.
-Bundeswehr re-added.

For patch version 1.1, the following have been changed from version 1.0.

1) Major changes:
-Cancel and Clear Tributes button removed from the Alliances & Diplomacy screen!
-Custom chat removed!
-In-game chat is now restricted to 100 characters!
-Standard Low resource type changed so that all your start with is 50 food. This should hopefully lead to some interesting game play if anyone stars playing this resource type.
-Tournament Defensive resource type changed so that it is a game type where you have to attack, and also be able to defend well, instead of being a TL where you make walls. Starting resources are now 1450 food, 1500 wood, 85 stone, 400 gold, 400 iron.
-Nine (9) New random maps added! Maps are by DrOrange and 10010 1111 10.

2) Civilization Powers:
-Advanced Mining changed to 5 Points.
-Bundeswehr removed.
-Conquistadores made to be 15 Points.
-Crusaders 25 points.
-Fanaticism changed to 5 points.
-Insurance removed.
-Metallurgy changed to 20 points.
-Paratroopers changed to 5 points.
-Pathfinding changed to 17 points.
-SAS Commando changed to 10 points.
-Slavery changed to 5 points.
-Camouflage removed.
-JIT removed.
-Expansionism changed to 25 points.
-Cyber Ninja changed to 10 points.

3) Unit/Building Abilities:
-Plant explosives raised to 90 energy.
-Flaming arrows changed to 100 energy.
-Logic Bomb now lasts 60,000ms instead of the previous 150,000ms.
-Logic Bomb cost reduced to 40 energy.

4) Unit/Building Statistics/Research (all times are in milliseconds, game time):
-University cost changed to 100 wood.
-preist tower build time increased to 100,000
-preist tower energy cut to 50
-town center build time set to 65,000
-tc health changed to 3000 base
-prophet energy changed to 120
-prophet pop cost changed to 2
-robot farm patches cost 50 food in addition to wood now.
-Priests now cost 25 food, 50 gold, and have 200 energy.
-Priest Towers now cost 85 gold 120 wood
-Bazookas have 35,000ms build time and cost 40 food. Hp changed to 400, attack changed to 35.
-Sharpshooter/Sniper build time decreased to 80,000ms.
-Teleporter removed.
-Spy Satellites removed.
-Damage Control removed.
-Dogs can now walk through hills/cliffs. This is a fix to pathfinding griefing, where someone could simply pick the power and hide a few units inside of a massive cliff, far out of range. (Plague the dogs, and send them in!)
-SAS Commando attack increased to 62, speed increased to 14.
-Paratrooper plane flight time increased to 150, speed increased to 24.
-grenade launcher changed to: 40 food/gold, 35,000ms build time; attack to 28; hp to 336.
-planetary fighters cost 100 gold and iron, have 265 attack, 165 fuel, and 450 hit points now.
-All anti-tank units from the siege factory have 10% more attack, and 10% less hit points.
-Watchmen now have 900 hit points, 80 attack, and cost 40 food and 40 iron.
-Nano tanks now have 90 Laser Armor. If I can make Hover Tanks actually Tanks, they'll be added as a Space Age only tank and balanced as such, and the change to the Nano tanks will be reverted.
-Cyber Ninjas have 40 maximum energy.
-Cyber Ninjas have 2 additional speed (14 now), and 400 less health (1400 now).
-Zeus II given 2500 hit points, the same build time as Zeus, 45 laser armor, and 1 additional Gun Armor.

5) New Units
-Shock Troopers added (digital-space); 90 base attack and act like snipers.
-Zeus II added to space age.
-Black Robe added (digital-space); 14 base speed, 400 base hit points, 74 base attack.
-Missile Troopers added to space age. Given 75 attack. (They are Infantry - Ranged)

6) Model/Texture Changes:
-Watchman model replaced.
-Watchman texture edited.
-Watchman size edited so that it is that of a normal gun infantry unit.
The combined result of these changes is that Watchmen lower your FPS by SIX TIMES LESS. You can now use them en masse without suffering terrible lag because of it.

7) Unimportant miscellaneous changes:
-New default banner. Hopefully it'll make you LOL before you turn it off?
-Credits for the patch added to main page.


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