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Determining The Identities of Players In Your Games

For more details on what is considered abuse or cheating, please visit this topic. Then, make a topic with the information we require (as stated in the guidelines).

Determining The Identities of Players In Your Games

Postby Omega » Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:00 pm

Without a working locate feature, it’s obvious that it is much harder to properly to report people for cheating in any game with them being able to get banned for it. With that said, there are still ways in which you can do this.

***Locate has been re added for moderators, if you encounter a cheater please inform a member of the Save-EE staff so that they can locate them. With that said, locate isn't foolproof either, so please strive to get as many of the things listed below in addition to a locate!***

First, it should be noted that admissions against self-interest (and not possibly within self-interest in some other way) are considered truthful. There is simply no reason for a person to lie if what they’re saying only hurts them. Therefore, if you can get someone to admit to being [PLAYER] in your game and cheating, and you can show evidence to that effect (the person cheating), this should be enough to have them banned for cheating.

Second, because you have to be very stupid to make such an admission against self-interest, there is another, although somewhat annoying way in which the identity of players within your game can be reasonably verified. The following is an outline of this process:

Before you start your game or click ready (when all players will actually be in said game), have all the players whisper you in the lobby with at least their in-game name (note: it is suggested that you have them also include what time it is for them local time, and the rough title of the game they have joined). It is strongly suggested that you get them to whisper this information to other players in the game as well. The most effective way to do this is to have everyone state their in-lobby name in the game (or close to it), and then for everyone to simply whisper each other at once using the mass-whisper feature. It is also strongly suggested to hosts to simply kick any person who refuses to whisper everyone in the lobby with their in-game name.

At this point, when everyone in the game has whispered you in the lobby with their in-game name, you should screenshot this (in the lobby), and save it somewhere in case the lobby is rebooted, the lobby freezes, your computer freezes, or your computer crashes, or you lose power, or anything similar causes you to be unable to screenshot what was said awhile ago. Additionally, screenshotting immediately is strongly preferred because it gives us an even better idea of what time the game started, your time.

If a player cheats in your game, or does something else that merits action, post the screenshot of them whispering you their lobby name along with the evidence required to prove the cheat. (It is helpful to provide the lobby names of others who were in the game, so they may be contacted about what transpired as well).

Another method to help more accurately verify the players who are in your game, as the host, is to use netstat. Basically all you need to do for this method is to type netstat -an into command prompt, and screenshot the result for us (if you’re not sure exactly what the important details are to screenshot, just screenshot EVERYTHING and we’ll sort it out). It may not look like much to you, but it can be very helpful to us in determining the players in your game. An example output after typing netstat -an can be seen HERE, please note that everything involving ports 33335 and 33336 is significant, which is why I put a red box around those here. Again, if you aren’t 100% sure of what you’re doing here, just screenshot the whole thing and we’ll sort it out. Make sure that when you screenshot, your computer clock is showing.

You can also use netstat as a regular player, but you can only verify the host using it. Still, this can be a useful tool if the host is cheating.

It should be noted that netstat is not a foolproof way of confirming identities, so except in very rare circumstances it’s merely a way to bolster the solidity of the identities you have obtained from lobby whispers.
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