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You want to join VoE? Read this first please.

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:46 am
by Wizo
Okay before you apply for VoE it would be nice to answer these few questions.So that we know who is applying and stuff like that. Copy it and start a NEW topic in the "Join Us" selection please.

1. What's your Save-EE Lobby-Name?
2. Do you have any past nicks? If yes, which?
3.Do you have any clan (or past clans)? If yes, which?
4. Which settings do you play?
5. Are there any VoE Members which know you already?
6.Is your English decent enough to communicate with other Members?
7.Why do you want to join VoE?

Yea I know that are quite a few questions which we'd like to know. Please answer them if you want to join us.