Disable and renable buildinds

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Disable and renable buildinds

Post by CAV_range »

is it possible to disable/enable some building from scenarios? for example i want to disable barracks from start so player cannot make them and enable/make them available at f11 10, is it possible?

ps. i know this can be disabled by tech tree but how to enable again?

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Re: Disable and renable buildinds

Post by Thanøs »

go to effects, chose the 2nd effect type "player" then there is an option: modificate techtree. There you can add or take away technologies (even epochs or calamities like anti-matter storm, would be something for yukon haha).

you can make triggers like this for example: condition section: condition type = game condition: passed time for example 300 / 300 secs min max and make a trigger if "condition 1" then "add antimatter storm Technology to player 2"

I suggest to play the single player campaigns and make savegame, change from .ees to .scn file and move the file from saved games to scenarios, then you can check how triggers was build from the ee devs, very usefull to learn about editor

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