make citz to build a object

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make citz to build a object

Post by CAV_range »

Is it possible make a bunch of citz to build a tower for example? if so, how?

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Re: make citz to build a object

Post by Thanøs »

for myself i found out it can be tricky. Somethimes it works somethimes not. It workes somethimes with this triggers for me:

Create an Object, under "select on map" chose the 2nd option "object specification". Then change owner to the AI Player you want (f.ex. player 2).
Then chose class "Tower primitive" for example. I set min 1 max 1.

Then go to Effects section: chose effect type "KI or AI". Then make 2 effects: create objects / owner player 2 -> "tower primitive". 2nd would be the "set AI Variable effect: property is: desired number of towers. for ex. set 1 / 5 / 0.1.

Then you need to make the effects: 1st = if ever -> then effect "AI variable effect" [set loop] 2nd = if ever -> then "create object effect" [set loop]. Somethimes this works. Ofc the player needs cits for this. hope this helps

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