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Looking for Scen help.

For discussion about scenarios! Post your scenarios, comment on others' scenarios, discuss triggers, and so on.

Looking for Scen help.

Postby Sparky » Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:39 pm

Okay me and some pals are working on several Scenario's i myself am working on a Campaign, quite a complicated one actrully as at some point, the player has a choice of which faction to save.. and this means double triggers depending on what the player does..

So it's all getting complicated i can do some triggers etc, but not all and not so well ive done most.. in my campiagn.

but i struggle with spawn units camera scrips and many other things.

I need some body willing to Help me out, and just work on my maps for afew minutes making it epic i would appriciate it very much !!! it's great if your bored and have nothing to do.

Please reply if your interested in making scens with me.

Story, etc .
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Re: Looking for Scen help.

Postby bradleybrand » Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:56 am

Sounds interesting. I'll comment to bring awareness to this topic. I have made some very basic Multiplayer Scenarios before, but nothing complex. I've made stuff like Conditions if a Player's Hero Count is LESS than 1, then that Player is Defeated.

I've recently made a War in Pacific Multiplayer Map. Basically, I've hand-made different Islands. Player 1 is Japan, Player 2 and Player 3 are the United States. They work together to Capture Japanese Islands. These Islands have a Japanese Hero on each. Once say only 3 Heroes Exist and the USA have captured the FINAL ISLAND, Player 2/3 are given a POWERFUL Nuclear Bomber which they used to BOMB Japan's 2 Capitals. Once these Capitals are destroyed, Japan loses. Japan's goal is to DEFEND the Islands to prevent such a thing.
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