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Kazter's H&R and Napoleon

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Kazter's H&R and Napoleon

Postby Jodocus » Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:02 pm


I had some argue with Dave about this H&R version created by Kazter. To make things short: I don't really like it. The additional paths are not adding anything to the game as you cannot run there without beeing seen all the time (as opposed to the usual paths where you only have to pass through critical points). But what strikes me most is the much too weak hero. ~40% less HP makes him already vulnerable to some arquebuse. Now he actually dies even faster than before. He also got less attack, he cannot 1-shot pillboxes and arquebuse any longer when having morale. This just makes H&R even more a slow-paced patience-game where you don't dare to risk anything with your hero any longer. Opinions?
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Re: Kazter's H&R and Napoleon

Postby Arntzen » Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:46 am

The more paths version is just a special version, I also changed the normal version of H&R so that's just a personal preference thing. Play the one you like the most. I like the original map better too.

The hero got changed because people (mainly from eC) wanted it to get changed. Problem with the original heroes is that they are super-strong versus normal army, and insanely weak against other heroes. This basically means if you lose your hero early on there is practically no chance for you to kill the enemy hero, a super strong unit that will blast your army/pillboxes in no time, so there is practically no way for you to win/defend. With hero/army being more balanced we actually got more back and forth games, were you could be down to 1-3 in heroes and still win with a team effort. With the original heroes this was only possible if the guy with the one hero microed it amazingly.
Of course if you're up in heroes you got a great advantage, but not as great as before. I do think the original map is better since it is easier to split push there, meaning you can take advantage of a slight lead in army/hero and play aggressively with less risk. This makes for more fun games imo, instead of slight lead = 30f11 of slow push at one side, get new army slightly faster since it's for example 2 heroes vs 1, del army, wait for new army to spawn and repeat.
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