King of the Pit Inf War scen

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King of the Pit Inf War scen

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Download 1:
(110.8 KiB) Downloaded 5 times
Download 2:
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EASY vs. HARD map

Both maps are reverse mountains, with the pit you need to maintain control of in the center and both bases starting at the top of the map.

The EASY map has wider mountain shelves at each level than the HARD map, and fewer overall elevations. This means that the advantage of fighting up range / disadvantage of fighting down range in the HARD map is far greater.



Earn gold by keeping an infantry in the center pit. 200 gold to win.

The flag in the center will be that of who is currently earning gold. You must have a unit in the center while your opponent does not to earn gold.

If the flag is Orange, then neither player is earning gold.

GOLD = Your score
STONE = Your opponent's score
IRON = Your kill count

Units automatically respawn to your pop cap and upgrade every 200 kills

0 kills = Arquebus
200 kills = Musketeer
400 kills = Grenadier
600 kills = Doughboy
800 kills = Marine
1000 kills = Sentinel
1200 kills = Guardian
1500 kills = Black Robe
[See upper left hand corner]

Fighting from top of hills/mountains gives strong combat bonus. The map is a reverse mountain. You and your opponent's bases are at the top.

Heros respawn every time they die. Losing your hero gives your opponent 25 kills. This includes deleting your hero.

To resign delete both hospitals in your base



Special thanks to my beta testers:

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