Scenarios: Single Player & Multiplayer

For discussion about scenarios! Post your scenarios, comment on others' scenarios, discuss triggers, and so on.
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Scenarios: Single Player & Multiplayer

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Many of us have very fond memories of the official campaigns, with their specific tasks, objectives and goals. Empire Earth gave; the Greeks, the English, the German, and Russian campaign. The Art of Conquest expansion gave us; the Roman, the Pacific, and the Asian campaign. Empires: Dawn of the Modern World gave us; Richard Lionheart, Admiral Yi, and General Patton campaigns. Really interesting storylines and history.

We even saw Eggman's great campaign release - Light of the Eternal City - Italian Campaign - ... ileid=3552

Sadly there aren't any official multiplayer scenarios/campaigns, but if there were they would have been fantastic!

German Campaign - Lightening Warfare

If there are any people out there who create scenarios, please perhaps consider a multiplayer scenario for a future project. You can have 2+ human players working together to complete specific tasks, goals, and objectives.

When creating a multiplayer scenario though, you must first create a multiplayer game with all the existing players, and save that game. I have done this previously on LAN with players; Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, etc. Then you can edit/modify the save game file. You cannot make a multiplayer scenario straight out of the scenario editor as it will not work.

One idea randomly coming to mind... 'Battle of Monte Cassino' - 'known as the Battle for Rome'. You had the British Empire, the Americans, the German Empire, the Italians, etc. You could have the Allied players trying to capture Rome, whilst the Axis players are defending it. With this unique scenario, balancing would be required so each side have a fair chance of victory. The Allies may need a entrenched landing area, for example.

Bare in mind, some scenario editor features may not work on multiplayer so should be avoided (voiced dialogue). Features such as unvoiced dialogue, effects, seem to work fine.
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