Big bug colection by jokbon

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Big bug colection by jokbon

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1.Wall bugs
1.1.Wall crash= when u select capitol and gate then select open/close gate
1.2.Wall crash= when you and your alie at same time makes gate in same location
1.3.Ghosting gate = u can make gate when wall is dextroyed. just select wall pres on gate botomn put mouse cursor where u want to make gate then wait while enemy dextroys it and pres to make gate.
1.4.U can make gate in enemy wall by building 1 piece of your wall behind enemy wall.
2.Production/age bugs
2.1. You can make multiple heroes by clicking make hero in town enter then converting it to capitol and so on.
2.2.You can crash game if u deselecting unit production/aging 0.5 sec before building is dextroyed.
3.1.if u click on game information sometimes u may get game crash.
3.2. U can do big spam when u invite then uninvite.
3.4. sometimes your hosted game may disapear.
3.5. sometimes when lobby is ofline it shows that 39 users are online.
3.6. When host is laging in game you may get crashes.
3.7. Lobby window gliches in (when u playing it shows lobby window like 1ms).
3.8. game, statistic windows didnt closes (it apeared at febr 20 idk why maybe ee corupted itself somehow). When closing game apearing other played game on screen when closing it apears later played game and soo on when all closes). it shows biger empire earth ram use dependig how much games u played. When fresh start of ee it usess 42mb of ram.
3.9.lobby leting users to register that are only born 1997 and below. you cant register if u got 18 years LOL (ye everyone bypases that)
4. Unit bugs
4.1 You can crash game if your unit is kiled before garisoned to fortres/airport/stafcar/cargotruck.
5. Religion bugs
5.1. You can kill alies buildings wich prophet when u using lighting/firestorm even if your alie got temple.
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Re: Big bug colection by jokbon

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It is usually considered a bad idea to publicly announce new ways to crash games.

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Re: Big bug colection by jokbon

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Indeed it is, P-51. Luckily, in this case, everything on his list is ancient.

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Re: Big bug colection by jokbon

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By my experience, every thought in jokbon's mind is usually considered a bad idea.
This guy is doing his very best to get perma-muted in lobby..
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Re: Big bug colection by jokbon

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Hi Jukebox :)


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