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Patch Spamming

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Patch Spamming

Postby silver » Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:55 am

This topic goes to the Admins from Save-EE Lobby:

Before you read: My english is not the best. So forgive me if i made mistakes.

Many of our Save-EE are against this "Patch and Update-Spamming". No one knows, which patches we have to install or not to install, or to delete, or not to delete.

It's very very very bad.

You have now two options:

Option 1: You stop to spam with Patches and Updates OR you programm this so, that every user can understand.

Option 2: We (and also the protest community) start to develop our own lobby.

This is not a blackmail, it's a protest. Every day i must install patches, or delete patches or updates about 20 minutes to can play. Its very bad.
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Re: Patch Spamming

Postby Sexacutioner » Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:00 pm

if you kept in touch with the forums you would know that just about everything in the beta was removed and a final patch that was needed to fix some other issues was released

the updater is or was still in a test mode and it had to be tested somehow and seems to be working just fine now so whenever someone goes into the lobby they will know exactly what they need in order to play with all players as long as they just let it run
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