Bug report for new patch

If you think there's an error or glitch that may have been overlooked, please tell us. The more details you can provide, the better (instructions to reproduce the problem work best).
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Bug report for new patch

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If anyone has problem with the patch (after it has been successfully installed) post here.
I'll start:
  • Jits and Wind tried to host with RIP while I was in their games, and either it simply didn't work or I got kicked out. Both of them were able to host using RIP-hosting with me in their game on the old patch.
  • When hosting a game on multiplayer with only computers (same as single player) I get the "connecting to NeoEE server" message as if it's trying to do the RIP-hosting.
    *This issue wasn't there when I tested the beta
  • In the single player game hosted from the Multiplayer lobby, when clicking restart game it freezes
    *This issue wasn't there when I tested the beta
    ** After more testing, I see the RIP-hosting screen when I alt tab. Maybe a "fix" to this would be making it visible again so people don't assume it's freezing like I did.
    *** In Task Manager it shows EE as not responding while this is happening
  • Sometimes when hosting a game with only computers and me in the Multiplayer lobby the RIP-hosting screen doesn't appear and it looks like the game froze. It'll still start if you just wait, but this might cause people to panic.
    *Don't know if the same issue appears when hosting with other players instead of just computer yet.
    **This issue wasn't there when I tested the beta
  • The restart game freeze doesn't occur when hosting from single player, but I still get a long "connecting to NeoEE server" message once I click "Play Random Map" in the single player interface.
  • Sometimes when hosting in Multiplayer the RIP-screen doesn't appear and it looks like everything has frozen (cannot move my mouse). It will still go through eventually, but again, another thing that might cause panic.
    *Didn't happen when beta testing
    *More a inconvenience than a must fix
  • When loading a saved game from the Single player interface I got the same freeze, oddly I was still able to move my mouse curses around. *Didn't happen when beta testing

Edit: Everything got fixed now. Apparently some of the beta files were unchanged when I installed the new patch so that's what gave me all these issues.
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