The Checklist for Redemption

Because I'm sick of moving topics GD topics to the Basement where they originally belonged and then people bitching about their topic being there.
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The Checklist for Redemption

Post by X warrior411 »

15 things for me to improve on since apparently 98% of the community hates me. Now that my post-count is 600+ (This thread makes it 601), let's see if I can undo what I'm famous for...

I encourage everyone to follow this list.

1. No Memes
No more memes from me, ever.

2. Stop Spamming
No more pointless posts

3. Cutting down on flaming
Title says all.

4. Changing my 'Most Active Forum'
If you go to my user information, you'll see that 60%+ of my posts are located in the basement, it'll take a really long time to get this...

5. No more spam posts for Destroyer
Destroyer likes it when I spam then he spams, then I spam again, and so on... No more.

6. Ignoring pointless posts and whispers
Self explanatory

7. Posting a large number of useful posts.
Again, self explanatory

8. Tolerating people who are 'incapable' of following the list (Destroyer)

9. Teaching others to follow this list...
Following this list will cleanse the sins of 4chan out of you.

10. Contribute, Contribute, Contribute!
Contribute a large amount to Save-EE

11. 'Why the hell is he a donator?'
Often I would use HTML to place meme images in the lobby, No more memes.

12. Flame per Day...
I get flamed quite a lot for many reasons, I'm trying to see if I can reduce it by a large amount...

13. Undoing my mistakes.
Self explanatory.

14. Admitting your mistakes...
This thread...

I'll add a check when the community feels like I've earned it...

Also, if your wondering why this is in GD, I couldn't think of a better forum that's not the basement (remember, task 4)
A list of what I'll stop doing.
A list of what I'll stop doing.

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Re: The Checklist for Redemption

Post by Moo »

Like I need help in spam >_> But Ill take you on a little challenge, by not posting at allkthxbaiseeyaguysggnore
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Re: The Checklist for Redemption

Post by peow130 »

i still <3 you xwarrior
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Re: The Checklist for Redemption

Post by Richard »

nice xwarrior, id say ur on the right track. PLEASE DESTROYER do likewise coz ur a newfag.

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Re: The Checklist for Redemption

Post by ben55 »

As long as you do #7 all will be fine.
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