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This forum contains the current version of each available language. Translations can be discussed by the community to obtain the most correct version.
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English (US) - Use this as your template

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English (US)
2 Oct 2009

This is the base language for the lobby which should be used as a template for new translations.

Chat Messages

Code: Select all

                Invalid_command = "Invalid command"
                Insufficient_rights_for_this_command = "Insufficient rights for this command"
                ' Friends, Cheaters, Ignore Add/Remove
                Friends_List = "Friends List"
                Cheaters_List = "Cheaters List"
                Ignore_List = "Ignore List"
                ' Add/remove to list
                is_already_on_your_friends_list = "[NAME] is already on your friends list"
                was_added_to_your_friends_list = "[NAME] was added to your friends list"
                was_removed_from_your_friends_list = "[NAME] was removed from your friends list"
                was_not_found_on_your_friends_list = "[NAME] was not found on your friends list"
                is_already_on_your_cheaters_list = "[NAME] is already on your cheaters list"
                was_added_to_your_cheaters_list = "[NAME] was added to your cheaters list"
                was_removed_from_your_cheaters_list = "[NAME] was removed from your cheaters list"
                was_not_found_on_your_cheaters_list = "[NAME] was not found on your cheaters list"
                is_already_on_your_ignore_list = "[NAME] is already on your ignore list"
                was_added_to_your_ignore_list = "[NAME] was added to your ignore list"
                was_removed_from_your_ignore_list = "[NAME] was removed from your ignore list"
                was_not_found_on_your_ignore_list = "[NAME] was not found on your ignore list"
                was_not_found_in_the_user_database = "[NAME] was not found in the user database"
                ' Friend alerts
                has_joined_the_server = "has joined the server"
                has_left_the_server = "has left the server"
                ' Whisper, warn, alert
                whispers_to_you = "whispers to you"
                You_whisper_to = "You whisper to"
                WARNING_from = "WARNING from"
                WARNING_to = "WARNING to"
                ALERT_from = "ALERT from"
                ' Locate
                has_not_been_seen = "X has not been seen in a game"
                was_last_seen_joining = "X was last seen joining Y's game ([IP]) @ [TIME] UTC using the name Z"
                was_last_seen_hosting = "X was last seen hosting [GAME] ([IP]) @ [TIME] UTC"
Games List

Code: Select all

                ' Titles
                Game_Name = "Game Name"
                Epoch = "Epoch"
                Resources = "Resources"
                Map_Type = "Map Type"
                Map_Size = "Map Size"
                Host = "Host"
                IP = "IP"
                Players = "Players"
                ' Epochs
                Prehistoric_Age = "Prehistoric Age"
                Stone_Age = "Stone Age"
                Copper_Age = "Copper Age"
                Bronze_Age = "Bronze Age"
                Dark_Age = "Dark Age"
                Middle_Ages = "Middle Ages"
                Renaissance = "Renaissance"
                Imperial_Age = "Imperial Age"
                Industrial_Age = "Industrial Age"
                Atomic_Age_WW1 = "Atomic Age - WW1"
                Atomic_Age_WW2 = "Atomic Age - WW2"
                Atomic_Age_Modern = "Atomic Age - Modern"
                Digital_Age = "Digital Age"
                Nano_Age = "Nano Age"
                Space_Age = "Space Age"
                Random_Epoch = "Random Epoch"
                ' Resources
                Tournament_Low = "Tournament - Low"
                Tournament_Defensive = "Tournament - Defensive"
                Standard_Low = "Standard - Low"
                Standard_High = "Standard - High"
                Deathmatch = "Deathmatch"
                ' Map Types
                Continental = "Continental"
                Highlands = "Highlands"
                Large_Islands = "Large Islands"
                Mediterranean = "Mediterranean"
                Plains = "Plains"
                Planets_Earth = "Planets Earth"
                Planets_Large = "Planets Large"
                Planets_Mars = "Planets Mars"
                Planets_Satellite = "Planets Satellite"
                Planets_Small = "Planets Small"
                Small_Islands = "Small Islands"
                Tournament_Islands = "Tournament Islands"
                ' Map Sizes
                Tiny = "Tiny"
                Small = "Small"
                Medium = "Medium"
                Large = "Large"
                Huge = "Huge"
                Gigantic = "Gigantic"

Code: Select all

                Lobby = "Lobby"
                Patch = "Patch"
                Options = "Options"
                Help = "Help"
                Save_EE = "Save-EE"
                EE_Reborn = "EE-Reborn"
                Poker = "Poker"

                Current_Games = "Current Games"

                Lobby_Chat = "Lobby Chat"
                Chat_Console = "Chat Console"
                Chat = "Chat"
                Whisper = "Whisper"
                Warn = "Warn"
                Alert = "Alert"
                Send = "Send"

                Users_Friends = "Users & Friends"
                Currently_1_User_Online = "Currently 1 User Online"
                Currently_X_Users_Online = "Currently X Users Online"
                Online = "Online"
                Offline = "Offline"
                Administrators = "Administrators"
                Moderators = "Moderators"
                Donators = "Donators"
                Friends = "Friends"
                Cheaters = "Cheaters"
                Ignore = "Ignore"
                Ignored = "Ignored"
                Users = "Users"

                Back = "Back"
                Forward = "Forward"

Code: Select all

                Username = "Username"
                Password = "Password"
                Create_New_User = "Create New User"
                Login = "Login"

                ' Status label updates
                Loading_preferences = "Loading preferences, please wait..."
                Loading_usernames = "Loading usernames, please wait..."
                Obtaining_public_IP = "Obtaining public IP, please wait..."
                Obtaining_server_IP = "Obtaining server IP, please wait..."
                Obtaining_announcement = "Obtaining announcement, please wait..."
                Obtaining_smilies = "Obtaining smilies, please wait..."
                Checking_for_updates = "Checking for updates, please wait..."
                Initialization_complete = "Initialization complete, please log in."
                ' Login attempt
                Your_connection_to_the_server_was_terminated = "Your connection to the server was terminated."
                Connecting_to_server = "Connecting to server, please wait..."
                Unable_to_contact_server = "Unable to contact server, please try again later."
                Connected__initializing = "Connected, initializing..."
                Authenticating = "Authenticating, please wait..."
                Verification_complete = "Verification complete, sending username and password..."

                ' Errors
                Startup_Error = "Startup Error"
                Login_Error = "Login Error"
                ' Username/Password is required/contains....
                is_required = "is required."
                contains_invalid_chars = "contains invalid characters."
                contains_too_many_chars = "contains too many characters."
                Please_check_your_internet_connection = "Please check your internet connection."
                Error_obtaining_public_IP = "Error obtaining public IP."
                Error_obtaining_server_IP = "Error obtaining server IP."
                Error_obtaining_announcement = "Error obtaining announcement."
                ' Login attempt
                User_authentication_failed = "User authentication failed."
                Account_already_in_use = "Account already in use."
                Account_was_locked_by_an_administrator = "Account was locked by an administrator."
                Account_already_exists = "Account already exists."
                Account_not_found = "Account not found."

Code: Select all

                Unknown = "Unknown"
                Exit_ = "Exit"
                Show = "Show"

Code: Select all

                ' GameContextMenuStrip
                Copy_IP = "Copy IP"

                ' UserContextMenuStrip
                Whisper = "Whisper"
                Copy_Name = "Copy Name"
                Add_to_Friends = "Add to Friends"
                Remove_from_Friends = "Remove from Friends"
                Add_to_Cheaters = "Add to Cheaters"
                Remove_from_Cheaters = "Remove from Cheaters"
                Ignore = "Ignore"
                Unignore = "Unignore"
                Set_AFK = "Set AFK"
                Clear_AFK = "Clear AFK"
                Manual_Add_to = "Manual Add to"
                ' Manual Menu
                Friends = "Friends"
                Cheaters = "Cheaters"
                'Ignore = "Ignore" already declared
                Enter_a_username = "Enter a username."
                ' Mod Menu
                Moderator_Functions = "Moderator Functions"
                Warn = "Warn"
                Kick = "Kick"
                Mute = "Mute"
                Manual_Mute = "Manual Mute"
                List_Muted_Players = "List Muted Players"
                Locate = "Locate"
                Get_Details = "Get Details"
                ' Admin Menu
                Admin_Functions = "Admin Functions"
                Force_Update = "Force Update"
                Ban = "Ban"
                Manual_Ban = "Manual Ban"
                List_Banned_Players = "List Banned Players"
                Get_More_Details = "Get More Details"
                Fuck = "Fuck"
                Crash = "Crash"
                Kill_Game = "Kill Game"
                Promote_to_Admin = "Promote to Admin"
                Promote_to_Moderator = "Promote to Moderator"
                Promote_to_Donator = "Promote to Donator"
                Demote_to_User = "Demote to User"

Code: Select all

                Network_Details = "Network Details"
                Please_Select_Network_Adapter = "Please Select Network Adapter"

                Chat_Options = "Chat Options"
                Autoscroll = "Autoscroll"
                Revert_to_Chat_After_Whisper = "Revert to Chat After Whisper"
                Enable_Sounds = "Enable Sounds"

                Miscellaneous_Options = "Miscellaneous Options"
                Automatically_Resize_Game_Columns = "Automatically Resize Game Columns"
                Maximize_Lobby_On_Login = "Maximize Lobby On Login"
                Show_Icon_In_System_Tray = "Show Icon In System Tray"
                Minimize_To_System_Tray = "Minimize To System Tray"
                Language = "Language"

                Button_Colors = "Button Colors"
                Top_Gradient = "Top Gradient"
                Bottom_Gradient = "Bottom Gradient"

                Chat_Colors = "Chat Colors"
                Background = "Background"
                Hyperlink = "Hyperlink"
                User_Link = "User Link"
                Whisper_Link = "Whisper Link"
                Chat_Text = "Chat Text"
                Whisper_Text = "Whisper Text"
                Emote_Text = "Emote Text"
                Alert_Text = "Alert Text"
                Warning_Text = "Warning Text"
                Server_Text_1 = "Server Text 1"
                Server_Text_2 = "Server Text 2"

                Visual_Styles = "Visual Styles"
                Enable_Visual_Styles = "Enable Visual Styles" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
                    "Uncheck this box if you get the following error:" & vbCrLf & _
                    "    System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory"

Code: Select all

                ' On the patch screen
                Install_Directories = "Install Directories"
                Direct_Connect_Patch = "Direct Connect Patch"

                Install_Dir_Label = "The lobby client can attempt to automatically detect your game install directories.  If it is unable to locate them, you may manually browse for the folders.  Install directories are required to apply any patches."
                Autodetect_Install_Directories = "Autodetect Install Directories"
                Empire_Earth_Install_Dir = "Empire Earth Install Directory:"
                Art_of_Conquest_Install_Dir = "Art of Conquest Install Directory:"
                Browse = "Browse..."

                Direct_Conn_Label = "This patch resolves the error ""General Failure (Code: WS_ServerReq_NoServersSpecified)"" and will allow you to play games via Direct Connect."
                Apply_Direct_Connect_Patch = "Apply Direct Connect Patch"

                ' In result windows
                Autodetect_Results = "Autodetect Results"
                Unable_to_locate_EE = "Unable to automatically locate the Empire Earth install directory."
                Unable_to_locate_AoC = "Unable to automatically locate the Art of Conquest install directory."

                Please_locate_EE = "Please locate and select your Empire Earth installation folder."
                Please_locate_AoC = "Please locate and select your Art of Conquest installation folder."

                DC_Patch_Results = "Direct Connect Patch Results"
                DC_EE_Success = "Empire Earth direct connect patch successful."
                DC_EE_Fail = "Unable to locate WONLobby.cfg in the specified Empire Earth directory."
                DC_AoC_Success = "Art of Conquest direct connect patch successful."
                DC_AoC_Fail = "Unable to locate WONLobby.cfg in the specified Art of Conquest directory."

Code: Select all

                ' Generics
                Cancel = "Cancel"
                Save = "Save"
                Ban = "Ban"
                Mute = "Mute"
                Unban = "Unban"
                Unmute = "Unmute"
                ' FormManualOperation
                Please_enter_usernames_separated_by_Enter = "Please enter usernames separated by [Enter]."
                ' FormKeyList
                Key_Management = "Key Management"
                Please_select_hardware_IDs_to = "Please select hardware IDs to"
                Key = "Key"
                Value = "Value"
                Banned_By = "Banned By"
                Muted_By = "Muted By"
                Start_Time = "Start Time"
                End_Time = "End Time"
                Remove_Time = "Remove Time"
                Reason = "Reason"
                Comments = "Comments"
                Must_be_manually_removed = "Must be manually removed"
                Duration = "Duration"
                Permanent = "Permanent"
                Player_Details = "Player Details"
                Please_enter_a_reason = "Please enter a reason."
                Please_leave_a_comment_when_editing_a_key = "Please leave a comment when editing a key."
                Are_you_sure_SAVE = "Are you sure you want to make changes to the selected keys?"
                Selected_time_must_be_after_the_current_UTC_time = "Selected time must be after the UTC current time."
                Timezone_notes = "All times, both in the list and the selected remove time, are in the UTC timezone."
                ' PunishmentMessage
                You_Were_Kicked = "You Were Kicked!"
                You_were_kicked_from_the_server_by = "You were kicked from the server by:"
                You_Were_Muted = "You Were Muted!"
                You_were_muted_by = "You were muted by:"
                You_Were_Banned = "You Were Banned!"
                You_were_banned_from_the_server_by = "You were banned from the server by:"
                Until = "Until"
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