Map Ideas for next patch

Information and discussion about Omega's patches for EE and EE:AoC (no longer in use or under development)
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Map Ideas for next patch

Post by Omega »

Post your ideas here. They may or may not be included.

Please keep in mind that Random Maps are RANDOM. They are not pre-defined, like, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc. maps. They cannot be made to be pre-defined, and will always maintain their randomness although they can be made to show certain characteristics.

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Re: Map Ideas for next patch

Post by ak_47 »

Maps that we defenitly need:
Plains with equal amount of mines on each bases. containing 3-4 iron/gold mines on each base, the rest of the map will have random mines scattered every where , just like normal plains map.
This would make tournament games more fair.

-Another cool map would be a mountain map, each base starts (at the edge of the map) on top of a plateu or a high ground area(not that high, but high enough to make it impossible for enemys to attack with close combat units) , where there is only 1-2 ways to enter.
The rest of the map should be like plains. It could be interesting to see how new defensive game plays develops. these kind of maps are usually found in starcraft, the name of the map is python if you play Sc.

-third map.
We need a anti pf map, so i thought if it was possible to make a map similiar like plains, with some forrests, small enough to make it impsossible for pf units to hide in, and big enough so 50-60 cits can cut on with out bugging(becoming idle). Also make the trees have more wood value (100x more value so they do not run out fast).

-Last map, is for a new set that i wanna play.
This map is about getting towers up /tcs and then make units to destroy your enemies base..
It would be interesting if we made gold/iron(not stone mines) mines value very low so they run out after 20 minutes of using it. then ppl have to desperatly cheerish their units ( start microing good and make sure they do not lose units due to stupid mistakes)and finish the game early or they would have to relocate their bases according where the next mines are located.
Hopefully this will change the usual gameplay:
Where players just boom and spamm out units because they got infinite gold/iron mines etc. and actually start a new gamestyle where players cheerish their units and also expand their bases with towers and other buildings.

I hope this is understandable.

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Re: Map Ideas for next patch

Post by Hello0 »

A map with 90% mountains...but many lil plateaus spreaded all over where u can build lil bases or fight

I am sweet.


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