Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Information and discussion about Omega's patches for EE and EE:AoC (no longer in use or under development)
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Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by Elite »

Alright, I'm bored, and angry, so I'm going to have a good rant. I will try to keep this as polite and reasonable as possible, so please forgive me if I stray at times.

First of all, let me preface by saying that I really do appreciate all the hard work Omega has put into these patches. I respect Omega as both a player and a programmer, and the fact that I sharply disagree with him with regard to these patches should not be taken to mean that I have a negative opinion of him. This being said, I have a few problems with the patch(s) which I would like to address.

My first issue with these patches is that they were originally introduced to the community as a solution to some of the glitches which have allowed players to cheat in the past, specifically the resource glitch. We were told that the patch would fix the resource glitch, and many players were not aware of some of the additional gameplay changes until after the patch was applied. It was promptly discovered by most that the patch did nothing to fix glitching, and no one seemed to care. However even now there are still some players who support the patch on the grounds that it fixes cheating - after several months they still think this to be true. And now we've discarded all pretense of trying to fix the glitches, and it seems like Omega is trying to create a new game. Well, many of us don't want a new game. I have been playing this game for about six years now, and I've always enjoyed it. If you want a new game, go buy one. Leave Empire Earth alone.

Also, I simply fail to see the purpose behind many of these changes, and I feel that some of them are misguided. Why make pathfinding cost 17 points? All that does is serve to make it overpowered in Pre-Space 1v1's, as it allows players to fit both building cost reduction and iron mining in a pf civ, something that wasn't previously possible. I'm glad that expansionism has been changed back to 30 - thats a step in right direction. There may actually be some diversity in pre-space civs again, instead of everyone using the same foraging/iron club mass civ. But honestly, why the hell do we need black robes? They have 400 hp - useless. Why do we need samurai and huskarls? And Moorish infantry obviously came about because someone has been playing too much starcraft. And hover tanks? What purpose do they serve? Why do crossbows need to build faster when its already possible to do a sword slide on aoc and mix them in. Why go to all the trouble to add all these new units that according to one's viewpoint either drastically alter gameplay, or have no effect at all? I'm sure if missed a few things, and I'm sure alot of people will disagree with me. Once again, I respect all the hard work Omega has done on this, and I respect him as a player. But I can't stand by and watch as my favorite RTS game, which I consider one of the best ever made, is changed into something different. What was so wrong with the game that all these changes were necessary?

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by d-dog »

I sharply agree with Elite, the sole reason I quit coming to the lobby on EE was because of Omegas patches, it was ridiculous at the time for me, so I said w/e and just left. Well I decided to come back to play today, with the mind set that maybe everyone came to their senses and decided not to change the game I grew up playing, but what do you know, I heard from someone on msn, that the new lobby forces you to install another grandiose update, with even more game changes, RIDICULOUS! Just uninstalled both the lobby and empire earth and AoC, no point in playing to be honest now. Why change what was already GREAT!

Oh and btw, QUIT TELLING PEOPLES REAL USER NAMES IN THE LOBBY WHEN YOU ADDRESS THEM MODS, if i have the name BLA BLA BLA, dont be like, OMG D-DOG JUST SHUT UP IF U GOTZ SUM PROBLEMS GO TO FORUMS HURR DURR, its just fucking show boating on your parts, theres no rules against incog names, and there shouldn't be, ITS OK WE ALREADY KNOW UR THE ALL POWERFULL GODS OF EE, QUIT SHOWING OFF.

I also find it ironic that im on SAVE-EE.COM TRYING TO SAVE EE
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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by _HoTT_ »

I agree...

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by Ws_nem »

I agree with Elite. You are making a new game. And i most certainly DO NOT like it. The game works just fine, and every now and then you make new patches?! I don't mean to be rude. But I think you take the advantage of being mods and admins to high! I appreciate all the job you did, but the patches are screwing it all up!

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by Samuel »

I'm all for Elite on this ... people have been loving the game for what it is and they've kept on playing it for years. Why changing it? I've got the impression that all of these changes have been done without any real purpose, just to make the game more appealing to inexperienced players because, let's face it, there were players who found out ways to still glitch the day after the patches were released; I still remember moderators begging these players not to tell anybody about the fact that the patch did anything but fix glitching. You should consider the opinions of the veteran players before you do things like this, because in the end, its the expert players who keep the game alive.

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by _Rs_ Megabullet »

I Agree this new patch is even more useless.
Last patch atleast did something but now we´re just changing this game to something different.
Why add things like samurais and things.
Mid sh has 3 units , knights, long swords, cav archers.
The rest is useless as all new units are much weaker.
Plus we have all played with these so why add sucky units to the list?
Did i even read a huskarl with 60 hp?

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by flossy »

I agree with all these posts, even though u want to make ee better your kind of ruining what we all loved, why don’t u just leave things the way they are? u done a great job making servers and making ee alive but I think u need to draw a line and stop and enjoy the game. Ok fix the glitches but is it really necessary to modify with units and stuff? I know you’re trying to save-ee but if u keep doing this u will kill-ee. I don’t think I want to install more shit into my computer, and waste my time updating the patches and look at your stupid banners, i just want to play ee like I’ve done for the past couple of years

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by KILLERS_Daniel »

I had have told that the patch don't take out the glitcher or the cheaters, so the really news was the map.
To do that there was no able to mod all game, but only redraw new map to other players.
Omega has take all from the Empire Earth Heaven site that all players can found in Internet.
I didn't want say that he didn't do works but his solution wasn't resolve anything.
Try new S.O. you have a surprise.
If i would mod my ee i could have done it from 2005. With new texture etc. etc.
Leave the game how is and if u want do something well do new MAP. They are funny to play.

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by dan »

Im sure ive already replied here but ill say it again JUST KEEP EE THE WAY IT IS WE HAD ENOUGH OF NEW PATCHES!
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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by SlipKnoT »

google translator daniel? lol

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by _BuddHa_ »

I agree with with elite, tapion etc I DON'T LIKE this new patch becouse the new units changes the strategies of this game. Strategies that make Empire earth and aoc 1 of the best strategic gameplay.
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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by hobojoe »

I have to agree with the rest of the EE community in regards to this issue, I don't think we should continue modifying the one game that has obviously all kept us stuck to it in its original form, it doesn't need any changing and anything extra is only creating new imbalances in game-play. I respect Omega and the other programmer's intents on stopping glitching/crashing, but as we have found we won't really be able to do so, I think we should cease modifying the game and leave it the way the EE community has loved it as.

The intent for adding new patches makes me wonder how much we will modify and to what extent we're changing the game, maybe over half a year the game will even have units removed from it that were originally in it, who knows? I really think it is time to end all the unecessary patching.

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by WaSteD »

I agree with Elite on this one too. Admitadly I think AOC got the worst of the patches with the changing civ costs, but I play EE and these new units are just pointless are irritating. Also little factors such as improving pilums just takes away little parts of the game which I personally find fun, such as making pilums because they are weak.

I do feel sorry for Omega for putting in so much time and effort into these patches, but I really think at the moment enough is enough. Leave EE as it is.
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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by BLACKHAWK69 »

wow! on the old lobby and in the forums at sierra... people were constantly asking for something new for EE. did we get it? NO!
what we got was EEII and after that miserable failure we got EEIII. what we wanted was updates to EE and AOC, like another expansion.
now, finally, we have someone who listened and is actually upgrading this old and very out of date(but still great) game. i personally was against the 1st patches until i got all the information, and tried the game with the changes and i came around to the way i think now, which is that we are getting what we've been asking for all along...something new to the basic game. now i don't have ALL the information yet on these new patches, and i will be studying them, but tweeking this game into something more than the same old thing
seems to me to be, as previously stated, getting what we asked for!!! if more units changes the strategy of play then great, it won't bother me to get away from the same old thing all the time. i love this game. oh and btw, if you catch a cheater...turn em in.

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Re: Some Comments on the Patch (And alteration of EE in general)

Post by sporaTiK »

I somewhat agree with Elite. I do think that most of these changes take away from the old game play. I think you should leave ee and aoc as it was for the time being. With this said, I also support omega's work in making some changes; I just dont think there should be constant patches that everyone has to download! Separate the experimental changes from lobby play. Of course, you need players to try out the patches. Why not choose a handful of veteran/experienced players and let them fuck around with the new patches. Then new changes can be made without causing anger and/or confusion in the lobby. If a better version of the game eventually arises then make a patch for the lobby. In summary, change is good but lets not keep the experimental changes separate from the lobby game play until a better version truly exists and had been thoroughly tried by old experienced players. Thanks for all the hard work!


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