EE Patch Update Notes

Information and discussion about Omega's patches for EE and EE:AoC (no longer in use or under development)
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EE Patch Update Notes

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For patch version 2.1d, the following changes have taken place after version 2.1b:

-New map added, created by Ghost.
-Credits.txt is located in your main game folder.

For patch version 2.1b, the following changes have taken place after version 2.1a:

-The main screen now properly reflects the version of the patch that is being run.
-Three "Randomizer" maps added, Uniquely Random (Land and islands type maps, siding on the land side), zRandom Land (all land maps), and zRandom Islands (all islands maps). Randomizer maps created by omega; credit for maps that are contained within goes to whomever created them.
-Single player population cap increased to 2400.

For patch version 2.1a, the following changes have taken place after version 2.1:

-Fixed an issue where players could still access custom chat, and send messages to no one. The check boxes for custom chat selection have now been removed to prevent this from happening.

For patch version 2.1, the following have been changed from version 2.0.

1) Major changes:
-Cancel and Clear Tributes button removed from the Alliances & Diplomacy screen!
-Custom chat removed!
-Standard Low resource type changed so that all your start with is 50 food. This should hopefully lead to some interesting game play if anyone stars playing this resource type.
-Tournament Defensive resource type changed so that it is a game type where you have to attack, and also be able to defend well, instead of being a TL where you make walls. Starting resources are now 1450 food, 1500 wood, 85 stone, 400 gold, 400 iron.
-Nine (9) New random maps added! Maps are by DrOrange and 10010 1111 10.

2) Unimportant miscellaneous changes:
-New default banner. Hopefully it'll make you LOL before you turn it off?
-Credits for the patch added to main page.


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