Turn off HTML and Pictures

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Turn off HTML and Pictures

Post by snupi »

Greetings to you all.

I suggest to implant the option to disable Smilies and HTML like it is available in the board.
I do not want to see videos or any pictures, and also I do not want to see those small yellow colored round things such as :D because they are ugly.

Please give me and other users the ability to turn these off, since I do not see any disadvantages on turning them off. My internet connection is slow and I do not want always to lag just because some people want to insert giant traffic-causing things like videos or big pictures.
Thus you can argument that donaters need to have some benefit, but it is disproportional that they can insert these malicious things which are useless at all, and besides that, also normal users can insert caveman pictures which are not desired.


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