Empire earth (classic) (aoc) auto join game

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Empire earth (classic) (aoc) auto join game

Post by Madness »

so i see a game in the lobby and im like hmm lets play so i copy the ip, open ee... let it load.... go to multilayer.. direct connect.. add ip join there you go! but i thought it might be less time consuming if you (not shure if its possible but worth a try) do something like xfire join game so if you see a game in the lobby you just dubble click or something to join the game automatically and you dont have to go thew opening ee or whatever :thumbsupl:

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Re: Empire earth (classic) (aoc) auto join game

Post by Sexacutioner »

you cant join a game unless your game is actually open, it dont matter what your using, either way you have to open your game, but do enable a double click option would make everyone have to dl a 3rd party program which most would possibly do but i would never dl xfire or anything else like it in order to play a game
its simple enough as it is, but to dl another program to clog up your comp is just pointless for me to do

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Re: Empire earth (classic) (aoc) auto join game

Post by PeLlE »

What's so difficult about having ee open and when you see a game click on EE in your taskbar and press strg+v and join?
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Re: Empire earth (classic) (aoc) auto join game

Post by [-Ts-] Tricky »

lol he is more lazy than me lol never thought il see the day :o
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