EE Unlimited

If you have any unique feature requests, post them here! There is already a large to-do list and things will take time to be implemented.
I am no longer taking feature requests due to the limited amount of time I can devote to programming the lobby.
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EE Unlimited

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Lately as i said on another post.
People have been asking where to download the game and unbelievably...some people have quite a hard time navigating the forums.
so i was wondering if a moderator/webmaster could put the link of EE unlimited on the "home"
section or at the "download" section. so it would be easier for people to download the game.

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Re: EE Unlimited

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Save-EE does not officially condone, or support, the use of "pirated" software. 8)

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Re: EE Unlimited

Post by Omega »

What Rob said.

However, you may want to check out the "Additional Links" on the main announcement, or have others check out those "Additional Links". One may prove fruitful. ;)


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