Starting Hotkeys for Indy DM No Rules (AoC/EEC)

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Starting Hotkeys for Indy DM No Rules (AoC/EEC)

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Indy DM -
A popular one for quick rushing i like to use, is to pres the H for Capitol, then R for Napoleon, then B for balloon. And depending on if it's 1v1 or not, a Shift+B after the previous B.
The classic WIDOW startoff: Basically press H C>C>B>R>Shift+B. That is, H for capitol, build 2 citizens, then a balloon, then the hero, and finally 5 more balloons
Builds 6 balloons, and one hero (Napoleon)
After this, it's customary to build 5-7 Stables around the outer edge of your Capitol.
Leave enough room in between your capitol and stables for 5-7 Siege factories. When i play AOC Indy DM, i build 5 stable foundations in an outer circle, then while cits are building the stables, i hold down shift and select each citizen one by one to build a siege factory. This rallies them to the siege factory afterwards and during this time you can select your civilization. While the siege factories are being built, and AFTER you have selected your civilization, begin making Dragoons (Shift+G for 5). Queue up around 5-10 per stable. Select each stable and make a control group. During the process of building the siege factories, select all your citizens that are being built, hold down shift, and rally them to build a wonder. After the siege factories are done being built. Select them, make a control group, and then press Shift+B.
Around the time the first 5 bombards get done being built, you should have 2-3 dragoons at each stable, 1 bombard at each factory, and 1 hero.

I'd have to show whoever wanted to learn this sett how to attack with an army in this sett.
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