How to be awesome - Guide By Jossos

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How to be awesome - Guide By Jossos

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At start of game click H > C - this will make a cit from ur capitol.

The select all of ur cits and hold down SHIFT and hit DEL. This will automatically make ur cits explore and return after a while.

Now is the tricky part, u want to get a wonder ASAP, so dont waste any wood. put 1-3 cits on iron/gold, and let them mine. Also mine some stone too. only need 1 cit. After about 15-20 minutes you can make a wonder. I suggest the Tower of Babylon, and this increases your conversion power. if the enemy attacks you during this, just drop, they don't understand the game.

With your new wonder, you can start popping out preists, and maybe get a 7th cit if you have some spare food.keep your 1-3 cits mining iron, you will need it for the next wonder.
The next wonder you want is the temple of isthar. this one makes all hp of every unit bigger.

when using priests, make them just sit there. when enemy his them they auto convert. With babylon, you only need about 1-3 prists to convert like 12 dudes. convert tc's to steal their powers too. u can literally get every single power in the game by doing this.

at about 4 hours, you will be ready to start putting settlements on your mines, so your cits don't have to walk all the way to your capitol (or a farm if your forage has run out).

Thanks for reading

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Re: How to be awesome - Guide By Jossos

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