Graphic Bugs on Windows 10

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Graphic Bugs on Windows 10

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i tried to play with my friend using WIndows 7 in the lobby. But either my game freezes instantly i go ingame, or it freezes couple minutes later. Til then i have big graphical bugs, cause the buildings and people are invisible. He said he has no Problems. I tried some solutions from this forum, but al didnt work. I updated my Graphic card driver (AMD HD7870), compatibility modes and al didnt work... It rly fcks me up, i cant play online with my friend.

So any solutions for it? I even tried a Virtual machine, but that didnt work as well.

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Re: Graphic Bugs on Windows 10

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"I am running a HD4600 in combination with a dedicated nVidia gpu (Quadro K1100M). Empire Earth does not seem to recognize the dedicated GPU, but it runs on the HD4600. With the previous driver version ( of 15-11-2013) it gives artefacts and is not playable, but after installing an updated driver (, from ) it runs fine and I can play EE again :thumbsupl: .
So, if you have an HD4600, update your driver and it might fix your problems with artefacts too!" - Neotje

Try that option. I had same problem. However, my computer wouldn't install the new driver because it doesn't support it, maybe yours will.


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