empire earth/eeaoc windows 10 and gtx 960m

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empire earth/eeaoc windows 10 and gtx 960m

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Hi everyone, I am a big fan of this old game and I am struggling since I have tried a lot of ways to run it on my new laptop pc with the gtx 960m and windows 10.
The game starts properly but crashes when I just click on random map (with primary driver video and direct 3d hardware accelerated on the video settings)

The game actually can load a map (with the integrated video graphic card intel) but when it comes to the map it is impossible to use the mouse and the scenario goes to an angle of the map and stays there. And from there is impossible to move in any direction.

I have also tried to set the discrete gpu in the nvidia control panel every time I run the .exe of empire earth or empire earth AOC. But I still have the problem of crashing just when I click on random map.

Is there anyone that have experience running this game on a gtx960m?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Re: empire earth/eeaoc windows 10 and gtx 960m

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Could be related to the integrated Intel problems, try the solutions of this topic: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5748&p=38936#p38936


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