Several problem with Empire Earth

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Several problem with Empire Earth

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i've tried to play EE (gog version) on my PC (Win7x64; GTX770; 16GB-Ram; G600 Mouse) and encountered several problems.

Things i tried (without shadowplay):
  • Starting EE with administrator priveleges under different compatibility settings: No menu/ingame text.
  • The same as above with different settings in driver control panel: No menu/ingame text.
  • Running it via Virtual PC/Virtualbox (Windows XP): Application not responding.
  • Starting EE with neoEE: Crash at starting a game.
  • Running EE with dgvoodoo: Ingame text, normal mouse in menu etc. but as soon as im ingame: Mouse is not responding. Disabled anything with pointer accelaration makes no effect.
  • Running EE with dgvoodoo and neoEE: Crash at starting a game
My Nvidia driver-setting:

i dont know what i can do, mybe i find some help here? ^.^
(and sorry for my bad english >.>)


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