AoC greek campaign

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AoC greek campaign

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so i copy/pasted the campaign files from the non-expansion to the expansion. was surprised that this even worked. i mean some stuff is clearly broken. i can produce a roman senator from the capitol in the greek campaign. i can also build a radar tower. but when i hit mission 2, it gives me a game over right around the time i kill the archers. i tried again a few times before finally trying to place my capitol before the gg and that stopped it. but now i'm a few minutes past that and i got another gg. reason unknown. i know i've gotten further than this but my "further than this" progress was halted by an actual game crash. and a few days after seeing this crash, the game started crashing on game start, and then on on the main menu after pressing a single button no matter the button. i was running in compatibility mode for winxp sp2. also tried winxp sp3. also tried win7. all of these did not help. i opted for a reinstall and that seems to have fixed it. but not the gg's on the campaign. could this be a line of code failing somewhere because i'm playing the campaign where i'm not supposed to? and don't say "well play it normally" because the whole reason i did this was to get access the the civ powers. which you do not get in the regular version. specifically i wanna mess around with a bunch of priest towers. ANYWAYS, can anybody help me with this problem? or are y'all only doing support for multiplayer things? if that's true could you direct me to the correct forum?


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