no cd version wont update

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no cd version wont update

Post by lupin »

so i got the no cd version/crack of empire earth 1. as per instructions i downloaded the no cd crack from lobby but after i unzip it in the ee folder i get this message " The pocedure entry point [file name] could not be located in the dynamic link library [file name']"
what do i do now? my game is a 1.00.00 version i cant get past this problem. also am i to understand that for the cd version we need to download the 1.04 update and then the 2.00 one whereas for the no cd version just the one crack will suffice?is that going to update my game straight to 2.00?

edit : i downloaded the main game from a different website. im not sure if thats going to affect the suces of getting the patches to work but what do u guys say.
thank you in advance :D :D

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Re: no cd version wont update

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Just install the NeoEE patch. Nothing else.


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