Middle 4vs4

Links to and discussion of Empire Earth Videos! Some great training videos are contained within.
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Middle 4vs4

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A Good Place to Start: viewtopic.php?f=75&t=3884
Click to download: eC Civilization

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Re: Middle 4vs4

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Nice video, nice game!
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Re: Middle 4vs4

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Does clicking the ground multiple times make your swordsmen move faster?

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Re: Middle 4vs4

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Lol actually I do that too, tho not as much. It's basically to keep constant control about what path your swords are taking. Units in ee sometimes take wierd paths when u send them somewhere. Also if theres a little lag u avoid it having any effect
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Re: Middle 4vs4

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Play a game and try right clicking only once every time you want to send your army somewhere. More than likely, your best friend lag will cause a retreat click to get missed and your army ends up slaughtered
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Re: Middle 4vs4

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