My P2N Stratagy

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My P2N Stratagy

Post by maxter1999 »

This is my P2N strategy to beat my sister.
20 citizens
Deathmatch Resources
Large Islands
This can be adapted.
Prehistoric: Send 6 citizens to the nearest food area, build a settlement, populate to a town center.
Stone: Take your settlement, This is where you build citizens now, You capitol is for research. Build 3 dogs from either buildings set them on explore(L) Build a Dock and a Archery Range, When building the dock make a 2nd after you build a tower.
Copper: Start your "Citizen Train" Select your town center and build 80 or so citizens. Send them in groups of 6 to every mine or food patch there is, Build another town center by the biggest forrest make another 20 or so citizens there. Back at base build a Barracks and a Stable. Build only Clubmen and Spearmen until rennassance where then you buy only arquebes.
Bronze: Start your food farming, Take at least 32 of your remaining citizens and make 4 granaries or more 8 citizens/granary. Build a transport at the docks, 1 dock is for upgrades, 1 building. Build a fortress for the rest of your citizens.
Dark: Board that transport(should be Bronze Looking by now.) and head for an enemy's island, When there unload your ship of citizens and maybe warriors, Build a settlement by the coast, Populate to town center. Build citizens to make a defence, make 10 citizens or more build a wall with only 1 gate away from your enemy, build a barracks and a horse place and a seige place.
Middle: Assuming you've done that, You should be running lower on resources, Just make mini bases around enemy's Make 2 and you can go to Rennassance.
Rennasance: BATTLE! Make at least 40 Arquebes 10 Horsemen(Scouting) and a few seige for buildings. Destroy everything in your path to finding the capitol, If you fail this, You FAIL, I've never made it past imperial against anybody in this because, There always in like copper because i like SUPER RUSH it!
My Settings:
Large Islands
1 Enemy
You may want adaption for those 80 citizens or spread it out over many town centres.
NOTE* Do not use slavery it sucks.
1 cit killed:1 cit gotten
2 cit killed:2 cit gotten
4 cit killed:3 cit gotten
8 cit killed:4 cit gotten
16 cit killed:5 cit gotten
32 cit killed:6 cit gotten
64 cit killed:7 cit gotten

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Re: My P2N Stratagy

Post by lightnessking. »

it's cool you share your strategy but no one plays these settings and there are alot things which can be done better :P. Anyways, cool strat.
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