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dug this up.. Omega/Wes Liga Guide sorta..

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dug this up.. Omega/Wes Liga Guide sorta..

Postby ben55 » Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:16 pm

Well, I am sure most of you remember Wes's (Epic or True_Soldier) guide for Liga. Well, I read it. And later wrote my own. It has alot of Wes's strats into it, but it also has all I found out meanwhile.

I think it's a nice theorical piece

In Liga you never know in which age you might fall in, you must be always ready to pick the right civ, at the right moment.

There are 23 civilizations, but only a few are commonly used, because they provide better advantages.

A Key point in Liga is the Counter-Attack. There is no sitting down and boom, that won't get you anywhere. You'll keep losing cits and that will kill you, because you need to advance in epochs. If and adversary attacks you and you defeat him, you immediatelly counter attack with all you have. You'll find your adversary low on troops which will leave you room to kill cits. Always counter attack.

Now, I'll enumerate each epoch and the civs you can/should use:

-Pre-historic: Always, but always Austria. Austria has a huge load of advantages. First, it has hunting and foraging, which is VITAL, in a TL game. Second it has cit cost reduction. When you start, the prior objective is to make it to Stone and start making spears. Advancing is cheap, so it should be fast with those two bonuses.

-Stone Age: Once again Austria, same reasons, but if you are stuck up in counter attacks in this age, start making stone throwers, and work on a Spear/ranged basis.

-Copper: You might want to go Austria again, or you'll die at the hands of someone having it. Mainly because the only decent alternative is the Byzantines who are strong on swords, so you'll die eitherway.

-Broze: At this age there's something coming into account: Cav archers! Or chariots as you prefer. Here you have Assyrians for the job, their hunting and foraging + farming makes them a great short-medium-long run civ. Your main problem is, surprise, Austria, and their fast running cavalry which can ruin your plans and slaughter many cits. It's never too much to have some spears at your base for that. Therefore, on team games, wing should go Austria, pocket should go assyrians.

-Dark: One word again, Assyrians. Now, in adition to the chariots, you have the Persians, which will kill any infantry and buildings. The trick in team games is having wing on Persians and Pocket on Chariots.

-Middle: The Byzantine time has come. They have brilliant swords which will defeat the persians because Middle>Dark. The Chariots on the other hand will be renewed with the Cav archers. Also, the byzantines have farming bonus which will let you boom for long. When you get to ren, they still have some inf ranged bonus, so you should do alright. Wing goes Byzantines, Pocket goes Assyrians.

-Rennaiscence: New cycle, new strategies. Bienvenido a EspaƱa amigo! That's it, the trick in Ren, and most of gunpowder ages, are the Spanish. Their ranged infantry and iron bonus and fast farming make them the best civ to use on arquebus. Besides that, they also have some great bonus on both cav ranged and spears to hold incoming cuirassers. On wing they're the best, on pocket you might want to go Assyryians for Carbineers or Austria for Cuirassers, but Assyrians give you a larger boom basis that might reveal important.

-Imperial: Cavarly will be sucking here, so you should get back at the barracks. Elite Guards will kick any Musketeer ass, so there's where you should aim, Spain will work for that as well. Pockets should try to reach indy asap, so they may use assyrian.

-Industrial: Wing goes Spain. Pocket goes Assyrians. Familiar heh? Wing goes grens, pocket goes dragoons. Mostly the usual on any indy tl game.

-WWI: Third and Last cycle. At this stage, something new comes into scene, Tanks! While you can keep using Spain for Infantry, the assyrians will be now fully obsolete. Don't worry, Germans will come for you. Their Tanks are very strong as well as their air force. You'll be in good hands with them. On the other hand, you have Great Britain, exceptionally good with Aviation as well, and brilliant with AT guns. Great Britain is preferable though, due to their hunting and foraging bonus and gold mining, while the Germans only have a lame stone mining, plus a nice cit cost reduction. Don't go airplanes already, they are too weak to be worth the expense already. There's another way, if you go France, you will be helped with Machine Guns, which can dominate any infantry rush and still make AT over to kill any incoming tanks. Oh and their towers are quite powerful so it's only advantages.

-WWII: An improved version of WWI, your AT will be substantially weaker though, once again because WWII>WWI. Airplanes are a little more reliable, but the expense at researching is double, but then again you will have to do it, so why not? On a side note, if you are brave enough, you can dare to use the Rebel Forces, and even though the initial push is weaker than Britain and Germany, and the final weaker than Spain, you will be able to have a very strong combo with Tanks and Marines, substantially stronger than all the others.

-Modern: No words, you know what to do. The strategy is basically the same, but the pocket ALWAYS goes Great Britain. Aviation is the key, while booming on the backgrounded. The pocket will have to move up to the next age where all is faster and more intense. More than that is basical modern strat. Oh, and the wing often goes Great Britain, because it is a civ that allows you to have anything.

-Digital & Nano: Two ages, one strategy, ALWAYS Great Britain, whichever the circumstance, in anyway do a fast quick boom to get fighter/bombers asap, preferently before your adversary gets a marine over your base. More than that is alot like mod. When there's resource abundance, add some Zeus to your army, they will prove very useful. Pandora with infantry are also deadly.
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Re: dug this up.. Omega/Wes Liga Guide sorta..

Postby ben55 » Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:23 pm

it is kind of outdated the information, but has some good ideas mod/admin can delete though if they want.
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Re: dug this up.. Omega/Wes Liga Guide sorta..

Postby PeLlE » Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:42 am

Why would someone want to delete this?
Liga guides are always good
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Re: dug this up.. Omega/Wes Liga Guide sorta..

Postby ben55 » Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:12 pm

Well this is just Omega's paraphrasing of what Epic said, and Omega has already posted a lot on Liga, so I was thinking if this just repeated what he said he could delete it, but this guide seems more 1v1 focused while the other stuff posted here seems directed to team games.
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Re: dug this up.. Omega/Wes Liga Guide sorta..

Postby EpIc » Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:16 pm

I think thats the second guide my original guide was very long and detailed on all parts of liga; down to how to micro in different ages. I also had in it how to micro 5 different armies and keep base going at same time. Those were old school times when you would have 2-5 battles around the map at same time in 1v1. Now people attack or defend different times different strats.
I will try to remake one since I got time now and post it. Omega is very knowledgeable about things to me and him had some good times in liga. He used to be very good but he's slacked past 3-4 years :P Still remember that I LoVe Cobra game megs lmao
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Re: dug this up.. Omega/Wes Liga Guide sorta..

Postby SalmaN » Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:33 am

Nice Tips i really need that...
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Re: dug this up.. Omega/Wes Liga Guide sorta..

Postby Late_ » Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:19 am

If you are really interrested in stuff like that, i could look up insanes 1on1 guide.. he wrote the best guide for all ages in 1on1 liga.
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Re: dug this up.. Omega/Wes Liga Guide sorta..

Postby Arntzen » Wed May 11, 2011 5:49 am

"Insane's 1on1 guide". Sounds awesome! Look it up!
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