Hyper 4 - Balthazar

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Hyper 4 - Balthazar

Post by herik »

Ok so as all the active players know, Kaz and I created a new set called Hyper 4. It's become quite popular against the average-pro community. I've done some testing, and so far the fastest strat I've been able to come up with to make the first unit. 2nd Barracks (military building) and fortress. This stratery is based around units that require Food and a mine, whether that be gold or iron.

- 4 cits go to closest tree.
After collect 100 wood... (2nd time they gather wood) build a settlement next to trees and mine. If they're far apart: settlement next to tree is NECESSARY.
1 cit goes on mine, 2 go on wood, 1 builds farm patch.
Once you have 200 of iron/gold, send cit from mine to go build the center part of the farm.
when you have enough wood build military object. with the 2 cits from wood.
When cit finishes Middle part of farm, send him to wood.
When cit on farm has 200 food, send to build military building
When complete. Build army. Send 1 cit to mine and 1 cit to food.
send 1 cit to make 2nd factory. Build second army in first factory. Then send 2 cits from mine/farm to build.
So you have 3 cits building.
When 2nd factory complete, make a another miliatry unit.
Then make all 3 build fortress close to cits eco, for easy access.
When you've had a bit of a head start
send wood cit to help build fortress. Put 1 cit on farm and 1 cit on mine.
After Continue building more military buildings.
After Send 2 cits to wood. And continue building army forts.
When it comes to 3rd...determine if you need to build another of the same military fort or another for example... you may have built Factory but now you need marines...so build barracks.

Set is:
4 Cits
Map type = zeus
Resources= none
Starting epoch= random
Ending epoch = Nano
Game Varient = Hyperactive
no custom civs.

I wrote this in a rush, if there be any questions, pls ask. If you have a strat pls post.
This is a new set, and perhaps won't be the best one out there. But at this current stage of development, it's the best one I've been able to use.

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Re: Hyper 4 - Balthazar

Post by lightnessking. »

i think this strategy is really dependant on the starting epoch. Needs some tweaking obviously but the set is new so a lot of things are yet to be found out. :P
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