Indy SH Civs

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Indy SH Civs

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I uploaded these a long time ago aka 03/12/05 LOL, and are only a few of my Indy SH Civs (I pretty much have a shit load of them). You'll get wing and pocket civs, and a few others. Sorry, no special screwing around civs or anything that requires unordinary start up strategy.

They're pretty basic, they might be for some players' tastes, but not others. The Inf/Cav mix civs can be changed around a little bit. Look at them, and think about what you would like. Something like taking Imp speed instead of attack (or vice versa), or eliminating bonuses in order to have build time decrease (or vice versa) are the things you should look at.

Link: ... ileid=1285

It's just the EEHeaven website, no account required to download, just click on the "download file" button.
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