Topic about download "Indy SH - Pocket Dragoons (Bitches on

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Topic about download "Indy SH - Pocket Dragoons (Bitches on

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File submitted via the downloads section.

This is the civ you use at pocket when you know your wing (as grens) will put some serious butt-hurt on the other wing, and when your opponents aren't willing to take the risk of going double grens.

Bonuses in civ make "super goons" aka "Bitches on Roids" which can actually handle grens without attack bonus in civ early in the game, so long as you upgrade range quick. Also good for effortlessly control walking into enemy pockets who mix imps and goons.

Imp armor and BTD is just to make one and rush wing with at start, or your backup plan if your wing needs a meat shield.

If you're ballsy, you can use this in 1v1 and go straight goons. Rush hard and kills lots of cits, or if they imp rush you then sit back and do a quick mass so you can mow them down.

Cavalry - Ranged
  • 20% Attack
    30% Build Time Decrease
    20% Cost Reduction
    25% Hit Points
    20% Range
Cavalry - Sword
  • 20% Armor
    30% Build Time Decrease
Citizens & Fishing Boats
  • 30% Attack
Civ - Economy
  • 15% Gold Mining
    20% Hunting and Foraging
File: #IndySH - Pocket.civ

Size: 49  B

Indy SH - Pocket Dragoons (Bitches on Roids)

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Re: Topic about download "Indy SH - Pocket Dragoons (Bitches

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Really love that civ. Thanks for sharing !

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