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Civilization Editor

Post by soerface »

Hey there,

I was just looking through my GitHub repos, and found this nearly three year old editor: (Source at
(Only tested with Google Chrome, I don't care if it doesn't work with your browser)

I wasn't satisfied back then - it is a bit buggy when you are switching between w and w/o AoE. Also, it could be way more useful if it at least allows sharing civs via link, and it should explicitly mark "hexed" civs (i.e. civs which use the same power multiple times). Still, I was too lazy to implement more features.

Nonetheless, I think it is quite useful and let's you create civs with ease outside the game. I want to learn a new webframework soon and need a small project, so if you are interested in it and have suggestions for more features, I might take a second shot at a more elaborated version. Just let me know what features could be useful.

Ideas for a new version:
  • Sharing civs via link (civ encoded in url)
  • Uploading a civ file
  • Adding the standard civs
  • Toggle to allow / disallow hexed civs
  • Neat diagrams to get a better feeling for the strenghts of a particular civ (barchart that shows which category has most points?)
  • Publishing civs and letting people vote (would need a server and therefore cost me money / could be down when peopling reading this in 5 years. I would only do it if the already existing editor gets really popular)
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Re: Civilization Editor

Post by drex888 »

Awesome tool, thx bro!

Should be great if your tool is translated in others language (French, German, Spanish,...)


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Re: Civilization Editor

Post by raut9967 »

Amazing..Thanks for your valuable post.well done..keep it up. :thumbsupl:

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