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Rankade - Ranking system for EE

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Rankade - Ranking system for EE

Postby Arntzen » Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:46 pm

Rankade.com is a free site where you can create your own, or join groups. It's used as a ranking system, and basically works for everything.

https://rankade.com/empire-earth is the group I made for Empire Earth.

Why you should join:
Many have been complaining about the lack of competition in EE. This site encourages exactly that. Having players wanting to climb the rankings will make them more active and we will get more good games in EE.

This EE-ranking is for everyone. Rankade supports both 1 vs 1 and team games. Every game added to the group will be added to the main rankings, but all the separate settings got their own rankings as well (need minimum 5 matches for its own rankings). I also separated the 1v1s and team games.

To join: Register to rankade.com (make sure you create a username you like, because you will not be able to change it later). Then whisper/pm/tell me the email you used to register, and I will add you to the group.

How it works: First make sure your opponent(s) know about rankade, and that you are playing ranked game before it start.
Exactly how the points work is a bit complicated, but basically if you win you gain points from your opponent, and if you lose, your opponent gains points from you. How many points depends on how many points you and your opponent had before the game.

For example: If you have 3000 points and your opponent has 1000 points you basically just get 1 point for winning, but if you lose you will lose something like 300 points.
Example2: If you have 2000 and your opponent has 2000 points, the winner gets 20 points from the loser.

This ecourages players to play games against opponents who are close to their skill level. Instead of having lots of experts only playing versus noobs.

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