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Forum Rules

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  1. Unless you are a staff member, you are not allowed to have your username under the "Last Post" column for over 90% of the topics on the single page of a forum (you're obviously spamming and not adding value to the conversations)
  2. Please keep retardation in The Basement, as the other forums are for legitimate discussion
  3. Do not disrespect or taunt administrators or moderators (if they do this to you, bring it to the attention of another staff member rather than fight back and break rules that may cause a staff member to act on you instead)
  4. Racism is not tolerated
  5. Excessive public flaming of other users is not tolerated
  6. Do not link to viruses, porn, cheating instructions, etc.
  7. Unapproved advertising is prohibited
  8. Posting anything else that is inappropriate, malicious, or illegal is prohibited
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