Delayed application by xootle

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Delayed application by xootle

Post by xootle »

hey guys, heres my delayed application to be a mod,
im playing ee again for 2 months, last played it in 2008 on the first version of nuckinfuts lobby.
I think most of moderators know me, im on good terms with tricky (I already annoyed him with the mod thing :P)

when I came back to lobby and had to install the whole shit i had problems and it took about 4 hours till I could play - so I decided to create the EE Complete automatic installer so it will be much easier for new and existing players to install the game with all patches. (it only takes a few minutes now).
Most people maybe know me because of ee complete.
(If someone doesnt know ee complete:
- its multi language )

Before I finished ee complete I helped so much players everyday via Teamviewer
and im still helping new players out with all their problems (hosting, game bugs etc.).
I also make advertise outside of the lobby (in other forums etc.) for ee and the save-ee lobby
to bring as much old and new players (back) to ee and save-ee lobby as possible!

Im from germany so its actually 5 hours earlier here, but im kind of night active so im online nearly like an american player ;)

Yep thats it
I loved ee in 2005 and still love it!

If someone has a question, ask it below! :)

*my Lobby name is «●{fυηʂεтz̶̶Z̶̶z}●» xootle «


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