HotS anyone?

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HotS anyone?

Post by Arntzen »

Just bought Starcraft 2's expansion Heart of the Swarm and was wondering if anyone here plays it?

Apparently now we can play on every server we choose without any hassle so if anyone want to play some games (2v2-3v3-4v4) or want to do some 1v1's for fun I'm my nickname on is Arntzen and the code is 246.

Say your name and I'll add you as well.

Any comments on this expansion? What's good and what's bad? Please comment!

BTW Terran is the best race
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Re: HotS anyone?

Post by lightnessking. »

I own you!

But I have to deny on terran being the best race :(. Unless you're good at splitting and microing. If not, then I consider protoss superior over terran. (ofc you can win with a 10min full marine puush with stimpack. but when it comes to later game, its kinda hard to.)
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