Guidelines for Reporting Abuse or Cheaters

For more details on what is considered abuse or cheating, please visit this topic. Then, make a topic with the information we require (as stated in the guidelines).
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Guidelines for Reporting Abuse or Cheaters

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Reporting Abuse

Examples of what is considered abuse:
  • Harassment
    Spam whispers
    Ghosting/Cloning (in-lobby or in-game)
    Breaking other rules stated in the lobby's Terms of Use while staff is not present
    Staff abusing power
To report lobby abuse, simply post screenshots of what transpired in the lobby. The person's username is appreciated for the sake of convenience, but is not required.

To report in-game abuse, you will need to show whatever abuse took place using screenshots and saved games. You will also need to be able to prove the lobby name of the abuser. See THIS THREAD for more information about how to prove a player's identity.

Reporting Cheaters

For information on what is regarded as cheating, please refer to the Terms of Use. Details on what evidence is required will be published in the future.

How To Make A Report

1. Note the following clearly in your report:
  • Offense(s) being reported
  • Name(s) of the individuals being reported
  • What you'd like us to do about your report (we reserve the right to do something else if what you suggest is more extreme than the punishment guidelines
2. Upload quality screenshots, preferably using the board's upload feature and not a free service.

3. Clearly indicate which screenshots contain evidence for what you're reporting, as coherently as you can.

We reserve the right to ignore any and all reports that do not at least mostly follow these guidelines, although we will try to investigate and take appropriate action regarding all reports received.
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