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About UN Clan

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"United Noobs" is a beginner friendly Clan, created in 2017 by MidknightMnM and Nightmare.
The main goal of UN is simple, having a good time playing together and support each other to get better in the game.

In addition, the clan attaches great importance to helping players who are completely new to the lobby and need support and to introduce them to the game to make their start easier. The Empire Earth community is pretty small so it's important to treat new players fairly and indulgently.

Dozens of new and inexperienced players have already been assisted and trained by our various members, so that they can reach an appropriate level.

It is not a requirement to be a member of the clan to receive training if desired. UN isn’t a so called pro clan, but this doesn’t mean that its players are not capable to play various sets at least mediocre or decent.

If you're new to the ee community and need help with whatever, do not hesitate to write to one of our members, we'll be happy if we can help.

PS : The clan has its own Youtube Channel. Look out for «UN Clan »

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