Halloween glitching

Think someone cheated? Post it here with save game file and printscreens.
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Halloween glitching

Post by Armada »

Halloween guy glitching massive resources vs newbies, saved files in attachment.
AutoSave 2018.09.13 - 02h.33m.17s.ees
(174.73 KiB) Downloaded 279 times
AutoSave 2018.09.13 - 02h.22m.47s.ees
(222.71 KiB) Downloaded 223 times
AutoSave 2018.09.13 - 02h.12m.13s.ees
(113.11 KiB) Downloaded 201 times
AutoSave 2018.09.13 - 01h.49m.23s.ees
(196.45 KiB) Downloaded 221 times
AutoSave 2018.09.13 - 01h.38m.46s.ees
(97.28 KiB) Downloaded 261 times


Re: Halloween glitching

Post by jokbon_23235 »

Nope he didnt. Thats just bug with resources geting 0
that hapened on me also and i were caled a cheater some ago.
If he would cheat u will see all statistics perfect. This been tested.
Haloween doesnt cheat on games that suposed to be played normal. He may joke by nuking you f11 2 by 200nukes but he isnt that guy who is toxic with that.

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Re: Halloween glitching

Post by lightnessking. »

I thought having 0 resources gathered always implies you used a trainer.
You cannot make another post so soon after your last.

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