Toxic behaviour - Racism against Turkish Players

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Toxic behaviour - Racism against Turkish Players

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i wish to report 2 racists Players and an Admin in EENeo.

i host a game yesterday 4vs4 pre game.
i was at outer side of the map so i was playing 'wing' gameplay type. Made some clubs...and my mates 'Bid' and 'blleky' started to be toxic against turks and me cause i wont attack direclty in the first seconds to the enemy.

The player 'Bid' started to say
'i will swap cause we have no wing' later he made some army fine so far...
but he begin to ping to my army bullied me laughed at me with 'hahahaha' cause of my newbie gameplay.
i wrote something like 'i am wing not pocket'
and the 'blleky' Player 'Luckily you're not Pocket' thats again blaming.

then i wrote with Capslock and asked:
'whats so funny?'
'Why u re blaming me? '

The player 'Bid' wrote to 'All' chat 'every turk are this arrogant as ours ?'

you can see the rest of the in-game chat on the links
These both Players began with toxic words and blaming

Bid: 'This turks are stupid'

Later when i turn back to the Lobby that two players entered to my Room. i wrote 'i dont play with that egoists'
Cause they are just blaming and bullying people spacially to turks.

i banned them from my room.
Later when i join to NeoEE some Admin kicked me 4-5 times from the Lobby without speaking to me without reason!
i got blamed laughed, bullied and kicked from EENeo?

i am a player from old times while Sierra supportted EE. i purchased that game in Original these years while it was released!
An Admin kicking my 'sultan-selim' Account Judge me after he hear some reports from that i believe racist Players?

so i wish to report cause of that also that Admin 'isaias333'.

Stop to kick people who was blamed and bullied by other people during a match.
Stop to beliving them only cause i am a German/Turk.
i am an 31 years old Apple Employee lived 26years in Germany born there and i am living now in Turkey.

That didnt makes me a thing where u can spit on. i was still respectful except when i wrote 'idiot' cause they blamed and bullied laughed on me the whole match.
Thats a shame that NeoEE has got that hostile to Turks.
It's not my fault that we have these politicians and presidents in Turkey.
Maybe that both racists players are not even 18 years old and maybe will travel to turkey with there Families and will see how Turks are approachable and friendly.

But why the Admin kicked me without reason 4-5 times?
i cant believe that an admin wont wisper to me and warning me about my actions whatever that are supposed to be :?

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