NeoEE stuck on "querying servers"

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NeoEE stuck on "querying servers"

Post by gats1212 »

Hi, I can't connect to the game servers. It stays with the status "querying servers" then It says that the connection failed. I installed the game simultaneously with a friend and his NeoEE installation works. What can I do?

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Re: NeoEE stuck on "querying servers"

Post by Bogdan_xD »

Allow NeoEE/EE.exe on firewall
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Re: NeoEE stuck on "querying servers"

Post by Crossfire »

Same thing, getting:

Communication failure with master servers: the operation timed out.
Status: Failed to initialize online system

Any suggestions for a work-around? I've allowed all EE related apps through my firewall.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: NeoEE stuck on "querying servers"

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It is possible your anti-virus program automatically deleted some files that are needed while installing.

Possible solutions:
Open NeoEE.exe and hit repair
Delete NeoEE.exe and uninstall EE, turn off anti-virus, download NeoEE.exe again and install while anti-virus is off.
Run EE and see if it works, if it does turn anti-virus back on again.
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