can not connect to the Neo server in multiplayer

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can not connect to the Neo server in multiplayer

Post by wilson1982 »

I have installed the Neo version of EE. however in the multiplayer screen I can see how many people are online but I can not set an account up as the 'create new user' tab is greyed out.

I then get a message saying 'communication failure with version servers: your version is not valid but no update is available'.

the Status at the bottom says 'failed to initialise online system'.

Please can someone advise on how to solve this?

Thanks, Tom

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Re: can not connect to the Neo server in multiplayer

Post by Bogdan_xD »

means you may have not allowed NeoEE through the firewall, so it can't establish a connection.

Go to Start Button-> Control Panel-> Windows Firewall -> Exceptions -> add manual exception/search through that list of .exe options , NeoEE.exe .If you find it in the list, check both boxes, private/public, if you don't find it, add it manually.Search for empireearth.exe from the game folder, and after you added it, check the boxes for private/public.
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