Game won't start(win10)

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Game won't start(win10)

Post by picky1233 »

As the subject says, i an't run the game, on my pc.
I have it installed on my other pc(also win10), but for some reason i can't run it on this pc.
I have tried everything.. It actually works, if i play it thru my other pc, by sharing on local and running it thru there.
Please help!

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Re: Game won't start(win10)

Post by Bogdan_xD »

So, if on one computer that runs Win10, it works fine, but on the other one it doesn't, wouldn't that mean that the computer in which it doesn't, might be the source of the problem, and not the game's problem?

I'd reccomend a fresh re-install of Win10 on the computer that doesn't work, then install the game properly ( not some copy-paste from the internet, but through an actuall installer ).Check now if the game works.If it does, patch it with the NeoEE patch.
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