I need to i know if can trust u

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I need to i know if can trust u

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hi, iwant to know if i can trust on the neoEE, because windows defender says that it has trojan virus

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Re: I need to i know if can trust u

Post by Arntzen »

From what I heard it would cost us 10 000 $ in order to buy an ID that would stop anti-virus programs to flag NeoEE as trojan. Basically what's going on is that they see NeoEE as an unknown and therefore flag it. Thousands of installs so far and nobody has had an issue with NeoEE, it's just false flag from anti-virus programs.
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Re: I need to i know if can trust u

Post by lightnessking. »

It's probably flagged as a Trojan/PUP (Potential Unwanted Program)

The word 'potential' is key here.

Also if you are using anti-virus software, use capable ones and don't rely on windows defender.
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