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Mac Users: NeoLobby with Porting Kit?

If you're having any technical difficulties with EE, or installing or using the NeoEE patch, make a post here and someone will try and help you out.

Mac Users: NeoLobby with Porting Kit?

Postby boxeo1 » Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:03 pm

Hello everyone— first off very wonderful to see there are some people keeping the EE community going. I haven't been playing since 2007... and left when the servers were shut down...

I just found out about this porting kit which allows you to install windows games (and empire earth) onto a mac. Which i have done and have been able to play lan and direct connect with friends (also on macs) (We didnt need to install any patches or cd keys, very easy setup.. just cost a few dollars to buy) http://portingkit.com/game/957

Wondering if its possible to join your server when playing this way? I was getting errors when trying to run the patch download from https://www.neoee.net/ on the porting kit

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