Hello, Been a busy 10 years

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Hello, Been a busy 10 years

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I recently started messing with AoE2 DE that I last played 20 years ago and its been a great nostalgia trip and then this game came to mind. I remembered how much I enjoyed it. It has been 10 years since I was last here. At the time I was active duty and consumed with military time, and well I am finally on my own schedule in life. Crazy to think I was a young 20 y/o then.

So anyways I'm sure there is somewhere I can learn how to install the game and get playing again, but the site looks a bit different. Would someone be so kind as to send me a link to the step by step instructions.

Also how is the player base holding up? Am I still able to get some rounds in?

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Re: Hello, Been a busy 10 years

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Inside Support you'll find all of this:
How to install Empire Earth and Art of Conquest
How to install NeoEE patch

If you got any problems can contact me on discord Kazter#3500 or write here and I'll check (usually 3-4 times a week).
A Good Place to Start: viewtopic.php?f=75&t=3884
Click to download: eC Civilization

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